Why buy a Scramboard




Scramboards electric mountain board come with  a high powered 12 s 44.4 volt battery. 

Scramboards electric mountain boards weigh under 12 kg for a machine of this power this is very light and comparable with Chinese manufactured electric skateboards and up to half the weight. If you do run out of juice the boards will push kick home but remember these are 2WD so you will get a little drag of the motors.


Benjamin Vedder created and invented  open source VESC controllers hence the V added to the start of ESC ( ELECTRONICSPEED CONTROLLER)  something that all electric skateboard builders and manufacturers have been longing for they are a highly programmable, high voltage and reliable speed controller. 



Our Electric mountain boards power train is very smooth and they roll really well, a top tip to get extra mileage is to have your tyres fully inflated please remember though off roading for more grip they are better with a lower inflation.  Most 1 wheel drive boards have very little torque and cannot cope with grass let alone real off roading.  Another key point is our battery/pcb box is mounted on top of the deck on large rubber grommets this allows the Deck to fully flex like a normal mountain board deck also it means the underside of the board is free from any obstructions and possible damage to the battery/pcb box it also gives much better ground clearance. 


 Been 2WD and using high torque outrunner brushless  motors these electric mountain boards can climb up to a 30 degree incline. You can compare that with other inrunner brushless motors 1WD electric skateboards on the market some which we have tested will struggle to climb a 10 degree gradient without a large run up. This limits the off road capability and restricts where you can go.


 Our boards use real branded mountain board parts that can be purchased readily at MTB stores or our store they also have branded Trampa fully flexible mountain board decks, trucks and wheels meaning you can use the board not just for driving from point to point but off road fun, jumps and tricks, this is only really possible on real electric mountain boards.

6. TRUCKS   If you want a more stable board at higher speed then channel trucks (with springs) are the best option as these trucks have a side by side set up of springs and dampers which essentially restore the balance of the deck as you are moving over uneven ground/ changing direction quickly and keeps the board level to avoid the dreaded speed wobble. We would not recommend pivot pin skate trucks on electric off road boards as they are not as stable at speed and therefore increase the likelihood of a speed wobble. Spring trucks by Trampa perform amazingly and are also extremely strong as well as been built to last. 

7. DECK Fully flex able real mountain board deck from Trampa, these decks we believe are the best you can get the decks are there long version in holy pro or long versions which are more stable than shorter decks and have 35 degree tips which are specifically designed to work with the Channel trucks this board comes with. We do not supply carbon fibre deck options as carbon fibre is a stiff material and does not flex. 


We know scramboard electric mountain boards are not cheap but quality branded parts from major mountain board manufacturers and other manufacturers do not come cheap. Our electric mountain boards are also 2WD which doubles  the motor/ electrical costs and we also use expensive Japanese Outrunner brushless motors and hobby grade electronics that will not break.


Once you get the bug for electric 2wd Mountain boarding thats it,  you are always trying different things and there is so many options and things you can do on them from perfecting that jump or trick to going off roading on trails and beaches. Or going on missions cruising and carving on tarmac everyway you go is a adventure.