Frequently Asked Questions



The board has a reverse function, forward function and brake function all controlled with the RC.

Why VESC Motor controllers and not normal ESC controllers ?

Benjamin Vedder created and invented  open source VESC controllers hence the V added to the start of ESC ( ELECTRONIC SPEED CONTROLLER)  something that all electric skateboard builders and manufacturers have been longing for they are a highly programmable, high voltage and reliable speed controller. 


Does the board set off and accelerate smoothly ?

Yes we have a custom built Dual PCB/VESC with soft start  and powerful 63mm outrunner motors. The VESC is programmable via a USB cable. Dual VESC will  give you super smooth controllable standing starts, resonsive throttle and a smooth and  progressive acceleration band. 

How do I control the board?

The board acceleration and braking is controlled by a wireless 2.4ghz remote control.  To turn, you use your body weight as you would a normal Mountain board/Skateboard. 


No the deck will be drilled for bindings so they can be fitted but they will not be supplied with the board, we recommend bindings for tricks and experienced riders only.


How do I brake?

To slow down you push the trigger forward on the handheld remote.  The brakes are progressive and will not lock up, we strongly advise you to practice braking at various speeds so you learn the stopping distances.


Very well as it uses Trampa spring trucks which are about as good as they come, with the correct set up 35 degree Trampa deck. Allot of electric skateboards use Pivot pin trucks we found these are not stable at speed on off road boards. You need the security and stability of 2 springs and dampers mounted side by side which keeps the board level as you go over uneven ground or lean round corners etc and it also avoids the dreaded speed wobble. Trampa spring trucks are also unbreakable and can take the hard off road conditions. You can also change the set up by changing the dampers for easy steering or stiff for high speed and tricks we sell a range of damper options for these trucks. 


Can I ride the board up hills?

 Scramboard electric  skateboard/electric mountain board can handle very steep inclines up to 30 % depending on weight of rider.   The technically info  : 3500 watt, 40 volt,300kv, 3.4 horse power Brushless outrunner motor x 2 Total = 7.2 hp

How fast does Scramboard electric mountain board go?

This can vary a little depending on the rider weight, terrain and slope the board can reach speeds of up to 28+ mph per hour. The board is not about top speed more so about carving, cruising and using the 2WD motor torque for off roading and tricks like wheelies.


How long will the battery last and how long does it take to recharge?

Similar to electric skateboards On fairly flat ground with a few small inclines you can expect up to 15 miles range with the 12S battery. Battery life depends on factors such as weight of rider, terrain, inclines and also the way the rider uses the trigger. Recharging takes up to four hours for a completely flat battery. 


How many charges will I get out of my battery?

Around a 1500 recharges possibly you will see a degrade of range after this.

Is there any warranty?

3 month warranty. 

If there is a ISSUE with my electric mountain board how will it be resolved?

If there is a problem with your board please contact us with the details of the fault. We will troubleshoot it with you via email or phone and let you know what the problem is.


Electric Mountain boards/ Electric skateboards  are high powered machines and should not be used or operated by anyone under the age of 16 years. 

how long will it take to arrive?

Contact us to check stock level each board is hand assembled to order in the UK but generally if all the parts are in stock within 1-2 days it could be dispatched or if not in stock up to 2 weeks max.


Is the board waterproof/Dust proof?

The board is not waterproof but we have dust proofed the motors ( one of the only companies to do this)  and  the boards electrics are on top of the deck out of the way and also sealed in a box.

How do I maintain my Electric Mountain board?

 You will not need to service the board electrically. Regularly check fasteners nuts and screws to ensure they are tight similar like you would do on a regular mountain board. Remember vibration and shocks could cause loosening of parts. Regularly check belt tension and adjust as necessary.  Tyres and belts will need to be replaced as they are wearing parts, but can be purchased from most MTB retailers as they are standard mtb parts.

Can I do Stunts and tricks ?

You can as this is a E  MTB Electric mountain board and can be used for jumps and serious affording  but please be aware that if the board is abused or damaged it will not be covered in the warranty and you will have to pay for the replacement parts J

What are the differences between Electric MOUNTAIN BOARDS and ELECTRIC SKATEBOARDS

 Scramboard is a real electric Mountain board with 2 powerfull  lightweight motors and I am sure you have seen some self made mountain board conversions on youtube etc, the idea is to keep the board as lightweight as possible and not interfere with the proven  mountain board design which has been around for decades. Our battery box is on top of the deck out of the way of any obstacles you might ride over and it cannot be damaged if you go of a jump or get in the way.   We use a 2 wheel drive system using Outrunner brushless motors which are very lightweight but very high torque connected to professional mountain board Trampa Hypa 8” wheels which give excellent ride comfort and sharp steering.

 Electric skateboards tend to be only 1 wheel drive making where you can go and use them off road very restrictive and use heavier inrunner motors the battery is generally located under a wooden deck and thus the decks are not very flexible. The average 35 degree mountain board  deck costs at least 3 times more than even Canadian maple decks. Electric off road skateboards can be up to 10 kg more than electric moutainboards as some use heavy 10 inch wheels.

What is the maximum weight that can ride the board?

The limit we suggest is  20 stone. 

 remote control

Your remote is 2.4ghz and can only be paired with one board at a time the controller is small enough to fit in your pocket.

Can I kick push home if I run out of batteries?

Yes the boards roll well and are fitted with quality bearings abec 5. Been 2wd though you will get some motor resistance but they will roll well enough.

How often will I need to replace a drive belt?

If you are unlucky enough to break a drive belt you will be able to limp home on 1 motor, however you will get 2 free drive belts with your board a drive belt can last from 6 months to 2 years. They are very cheap to replace and you can order spares on the site.

How loud is the board?

These boards are whisper quite as they used sensored brushless outrunner motors check a video to see how quite they are. 

Can the Electric Mountain board ride through water?

The board can ride through small amounts of surface water but should not go through puddles or heavy rain.

Can the SCRAM BOARD ride over sand, rocks and long grass?

Yes unlike electric skateboards this electric mountain board is 2WD and the battery box is located on top of the deck and the motors mounted to the rear  it can handle a variety  of terrain.