Scramboard Infinity Black Edition

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Complete boards that we will build for you. 

Infinity Black Edition - For those that like the dark side

Riding a Scramboard E-MTB board is the only real snowboarding experience you can have and I have rode every E board on the market. Scramboard E-MTB boards have bindings like a snowboard you can jump and pop the deck like a snowboard, it handles and carves like a snowboard. It has the stability over bumps and jumps like a snowboard. Its the most fun you can ever have riding a board !! believe me once you go E-MTB you will never look back.



Specification :

Deck :Trampa deck 35° long MOUNTAINBOARD 16ply DECK. The 35° Long TRAMPA Mountain Board Deck, is the perfect deck for all Adult sized riders of all abilities. The 35° Long Deck can be used for all principles of E Mountain Boarding from Big-Air Freestyle to gentle slope/ cruising free-riding. 
Wheels : Trampa 8 inch matt black Hypa wheels with Abec 5 bearings. 
Trucks- TRAMPA INFINITY TRUCK is without doubt the strongest steering system of it's kind! Using FORGED Alloy for the HANGER, fitted with 12mm SOLID STEEL AXLES, it is attached to an EXTRUDED & T6 HEAT TREATED Aluminium baseplate & as it's name suggests the TRAMPA INFINITY TRUCK is designed to last forever!! The Hanger & Baseplate "Kingpin Holes" are CNC precision milled, allowing the Truck to assemble like a dream - everything fixes together perfectly enabling the INFINITY TRUCKS to provide problem free, precision riding!
Bearings : TRAMPA 12mm abec 5 rated Bearings slip perfectly into the hubs, guaranteeing the fastest spin rate.

Specification :


Samsung Lithium ion battery - 10 s p 36 volts 

Battery Charger – Rated 100-240 volts takes around 4 hours for a full charge

Adjustable Motor brackets - Our Motor brackets are adjustable allowing you to adjust the motor belt tension if ever needed! 

Battery box-Specifically designed and shaped for mounting on top of the deck and sits on 4 deep rubber grommets which allow full flex of the deck, Lcd voltage display, power switch and quick release lid.

Motor controller - x 2 based on VESC controller -  with smooth, connected and  responsive throttle.

2 wd drive system- Two x 63mm Outrunner Brushless motors with Japanese bearings.

Cruise control- Speed up to the desired speed then click the throttle stick in once and release your board will now stay at that speed, click again to release. 

Brushless Outrunner Motor power =  63 mm size. 3500 watts, 4N.M, 250 KV

Gear Ratio - 72 wheel pulley and 12 Motor gear. We also have 15 gear motor pulleys available.

Digital metre : LED battery power meter built into esc box.

Average Board Total Net weight with kit fitted : 12 kg.

Board Max speed with this kit : 28-30  mph

Climbing Angle +- 30 Degrees

Average Range achieved - 18 miles

Control Settings- Simple and hassle free, pull the trigger to go push it forward to start regenerative abs braking, smooth linear acceleration.



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Fricking fast

Dean Botton - 20 Jul 2017, 10:24

Wow holy crap this thing has torque. I was testing it "carefully" & it still wheeled. All is well though the acceleration and throttle is smooth and step less just how I like it. Feel free to send me stickers so I can advertise for you too. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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