Complete Mechanical & Power Kit 10S (VESC motor controllers)

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All new parts kits will be sent with our new battery and vesc enclosures these are now 2 small separate boxes which offer a more sleek and low profile, please see photos.

Complete Mechanical & Power Kit. This well priced kit contains everything you need to convert your board to 2WD electric with dual 63mm motors and is designed to fit Hypa Wheels and Trampa trucks. If you do not have Hypa wheel hubs or Trampa Trucks select to add them on the dropdown at a discounted price! if you do not need them select the dropdown that does not add the price. 

Kit contains :

2 x Our easy to fit Motor bracket assembly. (to fit Trampa Infinity or Vertigo 12mm Truck )

2 x Motor gear cogs

2 x Dust sealed 63 mm Powerful Outrunner brushless motors 3500 watts, 4N.M, 200 KV

2 x Motor gear dust cover. ( protects motor gear and belt )

2 x drive belts

2 x  wheel gears (to fit Trampa Hypa wheel hubs)

4 x motor cable clamps

36 volt volt Lithium mains charger

Bolt kit and drilling template

2.4 GHZ Remote control (Cruise control- Speed up to the desired speed then click the throttle stick in once and release your board will now stay at that speed, click again to release. )

Truck and Hypa hubs not included unless selected from the drop down.

Further Details :

Samsung Lipo battery - 10s 12 ah

Battery box with LCD Display - Bolts to the middle of the deck allowing the deck to flex fully and fitted with a quick hinged sealed lid.

VESC controller - x 2 VESC motor controllers are high speed motor controllers and offer a smooth, connected and  responsive throttle.

Vesc Enclosure box

Average Board Total Net weight with kit fitted : 12 kg.

Board Max speed with this kit : 35+mph

Climbing Angle +- 30 Degrees

Range achieved - 18 miles

Control Settings-pull the trigger to go push it forward to start regenerative abs braking, smooth linier acceleration.

Scramboard 2WD electric MTB mountain boards kits will allow your board to accelerate like a Super car ! The Scramboard kits combines the world's most powerful lightweight Twin electric motors for amazing hill climbing and performance. The throttle response and brakes are smooth and progressive all controlled via 2.4 ghz controller which is small enough to fit in your pocket and simple to operate. Perform tricks flips and jumps at your local skate park/ tracks or just go for a burn turn your board into a limitless go anywhere do anything board.



Works well

IAN Lock - 13 Jan 2017, 09:25

Just been for a couple of mile blast around my village. AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

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